Emilia Paré in Nashville

Emilia Paré and I have been friends since Natalie and I moved to Nashville almost two years. It was one of those Instagram things, only slightly more unique than most social media ice-breakers. I had posted an image of a friend’s hands and quoted Jack Dawson, which any Titanic-obsessed person would spot out immediately – and Emilia did. I think that launched us into immediate friend-dom. We talked early on about “shooting together” like most Nashville photographers do. Free modeling, free marketing, good times, what-have-you – but we never really got around to it. We lived our lives and managed to run into each other here and there at a coffee shop or social gathering, but it wasn’t until this past March that I was able to take her portrait.

You see…Emilia, for being so good in front of the camera, you will almost always find her behind it documenting life and lifestyle. She has a real eye for what’s in front of her and captures it so well that you can almost smell what’s going on in the photo. Being able to put her out on the other side and feel comfortable was a delight. I enjoy the youth of these photos, because (if you know Emilia) she will be riddled with ink and laugh lines before too long. I hope you’ll enjoy this monochrome handful of photos and also be sure to give Emilia’s work a look here.


PortraitTyler Sharpe