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That’s the best word we can use to describe our feelings prior to Claire & Broc’s wedding day.  Not only was it our first wedding of 2013, but it was also our first wedding as Sharpe & Walker Photography.  (On a side note, Tyler even dated Claire in middle school so they go way back).  Their wedding was a perfect mixture of simplicity, style, love, and going with the flow.

Rain was falling as the ceremony time inched closer.  Guests huddled tightly in the nearby shed, only to leave the outdoor tables and beautiful centerpieces deserted.  They were to get married on Claire’s parents property in front of a red barn without much of a back up plan for unexpected weather.

As the rain continued, we cleared a section in the shed so the couple could dryly say their vows.  Suddenly, without warning, Claire, Broc, and the rest of the wedding party decided to brave the rain and continue the ceremony outside as planned.

A positive attitude despite the circumstances made for a beautiful wedding day for Claire and Broc.  This is the type of wedding that inspires us.  We’re excited for what’s to come and are thankful we were able to kick off the season this way.


Justi -

Gorgeous pictures!!! The bride and groom must be ecstatic!!

Lizabeth -

Beautiful pictures as always!! You guys did amazing. Your pictures make me want to get married :] great job you two!

R Villetto -

Very nice work!

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